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Head of Studio Operations

Cash B. Lim is Head of Studio Operations at Portfolio Entertain, where he oversees all areas of production. With over 20 years’ experience in the animation industry at theskonkworks, Intelligent Creatures, and House of Cool, among other notable studios, Cash has worked in film, advertising, and television series production.

As a VFX Supervisor, Production Manager, Producer, and Studio Operations Manager, he specializes in 2D, 3D, Stop Motion, and VFX pipelines. His credits include the feature film Rock Dog, the Gemini award winning children's series Will and Dewitt, and Nelvana's Handy Manny.

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Q: What Drives you?

I’m hugely driven by success in everything I do. In production I equate success with not only completing a project but more importantly the impact it has on viewers. I strive to create a positive experience for both my teams and the viewers that watch the end product, whether it’s a 1 minute short or full length feature.

Q: Is there a theme in the work you pick?

I enjoy all production work that has the potential to showcase both mine, and my teams’ ability to produce great content.

Q: Was it luck or strategy that helped you find success?

There was no real strategy involved, I relied on hard work, lots of hours perfecting my processes and building a rapport with artists across the globe. Everybody needs a bit of luck, but I had a lot of people supporting my ideas and taking chances with my workflow, and just having faith in my abilities based on our past experiences.

Q: Who impacted your career the most?

Dr. William Michael Carter. He gave me my first break in the Animation industry over 20 years ago and continued to mentor me along the way through my journey. He’s always been available when seeking advice or reassurance that my ideas for production methods would work.

Q: How did you build the team around you? 

I’ve built many teams for productions along the way. My thought process when putting a group of people together for any type of project has always been based on long term. Even if the projects were short I looked at the process as building a studio not a production. Productions come and go but studios are built for longevity on a solid foundation with a clear goal in mind.

Q: Did you ever give up hope that you’d not make it? 

I wouldn’t say that I ever thought I wouldn’t make it. I’ve definitely thought about whether it was worth the struggle sometimes. I’ve thought about changing course and getting into something that would take less time away from family and whatnot but I really enjoy production so I keep on keeping on.

Q: What was your worst experience in this business?

We were in the middle of production after I had put together a very talented team and invested a lot of time and money getting things off the ground. Then I got news that the client had run out of money and therefore couldn’t complete the project. What made it bad wasn’t the time or money but the assurances of a good experience and future work based on the work we were doing. I don’t like selling dreams that don’t come true.

Q: What was your best

experience in this business?

Every day that I come home knowing that I made a positive impact on the world through my work.

Q: Advice to someone just starting out? 

The clouds will roll in and the boat will list but stay focused, and look for the shore, it’s out there...and save your money!

Q: How was Reelworld instrumental in your career? 

I wasn’t aware of Reelworld until a few years ago, and more so recently but I’m amazed at what has been accomplished, and the quality of the films that are being made. It really showcases some very talented people and makes me want to up my game.