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Founding Partner, Executive Producer

Lisa Meeches is one of the most dynamic and respected producers in the film and television industry, and a proud Ojibway from Long Plain First Nation. Lisa has produced numerous projects to critical acclaim, among her more than 180 hours of film and television content including The Sharing Circle, Ice Road Truckers, Taken, Tipi Tales, Jack, Gemini Award winner Elijah, and double CSA winner We Were Children, which is widely praised by residential school survivors for its power to heal, while general audiences have been moved by its accurate and truthful portrayal of the impacts of Canada’s colonial past. Hosting The Sharing Circle and Taken, Lisa is a recognizable presence across Canada. Most recently, Lisa served as Executive Producer on the feature films Diaspora and Night Raiders (currently in post-production), Co-Executive Producer on the series Burden of Truth (currently in production on season four), and Executive Producer of Taken (season four recently premiered on APTN and CBC).

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