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Screenwriter, Comedian, Creator

Amber-Sekowan Daniels is a mixed Anishininew (Oji-Cree) screenwriter, comedian and creator raised in Winnipeg and is a proud member of the Garden Hill First Nation. She was in the room for CBC’s 2nd season of The Trickster for Sienna Films based on the novels by Eden Robinson and Diggstown III for CBC and Circle Blue Entertainment. She currently has a half-hour comedy Acting Good in development with Bell Media. Amber’s stand-up comedy has been featured in the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, Oddblock Comedy Festival and on CBC’s The Debaters. She was a participant in the 2018 Whistler Film Festival Indigenous Filmmaker Fellowship, the 2019 Netflix-BANFF Diversity of Voices initiative.

Amber is also an advocate, mentor and film instructor for Indigenous youth, lending her support to programs such as New Directions’ RAP: Resources for Adolescent Parents and Project Opikiwawan, a program for Indigenous youth who are fostered and adopted, as well as the Manitoba Indigenous Youth Achievement Awards. She has worked with Women in View since 2015, most recently managing two On Screen Reports and (along with Jan Miller and Tracey Deer) Five in Focus: Indigenous, their most recent professional development program for women-identifying writers and directors.

Meet the Trailblazer


I am motivated by the youth in my family and the youth in the community, the next generations of storytellers.


I come from stand up. I try to bring humour where I can- there’s a lot of power and healing in it.


Having people in my life that wouldn’t let me give up.


My mom, Darlene Daniels and my Kokum Barbara Daniels, who taught me to tell my stories my way and to honour the responsibility and power of being a storyteller.

In the industry connecting with incredible and generous women like—Tracey Deer, Penny Gummerson, Karen Hill & Ellen Vanstone-- who have really empowered me in my career.


I learned to stand up for what’s important to me, which can be scary when you’re trying to build a career. But this is how I was able to find more meaningful collaborations.


Yes, often. I was raised by an amazing single mother in Manitoba but certain options just weren’t available to me. The financial realities of breaking in can be very difficult.

Be lovely and do no harm.
-louise erdrich

Being told that I wasn’t experienced, talented or qualified enough to tell my own stories and being relegated to an Indigenous consultant role. Pouring my heart into a story and being told that a show with an Indigenous lead is not relatable.



Find mentors but also find peers who can help you navigate the industry. I have a group of amazing Indigenous filmmakers- my “film cousins”- that I would not be here without.

We are all born storytellers held together by the stories that have come before us and woven with the stories yet to come.
-amber sekowan-daniels




Screenwriter, Comedian, Creator