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Reelworld 2022
Award of Excellence Recipient

Jennifer Podemski


I am driven to take up space wherever I can because Indigenous people are still practically invisible in this industry and after 30 years in this business I feel more driven than ever to get into every space I can, smash every ceiling I can smash and bring the next generation with me.

The Award of Excellence honours Canadian industry leaders whose creative excellence over decades has impacted the representation of Canada's diversity positively nationally and internationally. We are proud to announce our 2022 Award of Excellence Recipient is Jennifer Podemski.

Jennifer Podemski is an award winning Film and Television Producer and Actor born and raised in Toronto, Canada.


By 25, and a solid career under her belt, Jennifer opened her first production company, Big Soul Productions with fellow, burgeoning, producer Laura Milliken.


BSP became the first Aboriginal owned and operated, full service production company in Canada, producing hundreds of hours of television including three seasons of the award winning Dramatic Series Moccasin Flats for Showcase and APTN.


In 2005, Jennifer branched out on her own and founded Redcloud Studios Inc.


She is most proud of her starring role in her own film Empire of Dirt for which she was nominated for two Canadian Screen Awards for Best Actress in a Supporting Role as well as Best Feature Film for her work as producer.


A storyteller behind and in front of the camera, Jennifer still makes time for training aboriginal youth in film and tv, mentoring and holding self esteem workshops across the US and Canada.


Advancements in technology allowed me to harness my potential as a content creator 25 years ago. When I started out, the industry was moving from film and analogue to digital and it was an enormous paradigm shift that allowed me to teach myself to shoot and edit and really expand and grow as a filmmaker and producer. I am much slower these days but I am doing my best to stay up to date with technology. I recently shot my entire EPK for my new series, on an iphone and although I am not editing it, I am pretty proud of myself for that!!


Following the rules is fine but it is YOUR responsibility as a creator to colour outside the lines, do something new, not follow the pack and think for yourself and stand up for your vision. The system will tell you that things have to be done in a specific way, a way that is tried tested and true but as artists and creators it is actually our job to show them otherwise. 



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