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Reelworld's Creative partnership with x height Media

The amazing artwork for Reelworld's 19th Annual Film Festival is created by X Height Media. It touches on the experience of enjoying Reelworld films in the theatre, one that is uplifting, inspiring, and takes you away. Reelworld's long-standing mission has been to support BIPOC films and filmmakers in an industry where diversity is frequently absent. Reelworld believes that film is a transformative power that has the ability to lift the spirits of moviegoers and filmmakers alike; Reelworld films give both parties the opportunity to showcase and to connect with the diverse identities being represented and explored. As a result, the Reelworld experience leaves us all with a strengthened vision of what diversity in film means and why it matters, an experience that is illustrated with this year's artwork.


X Height Media (XHM) is a graphic design team of twin sisters Leslie and Lisa, whose instincts to “see things differently” sit at the roots of their personal and professional identities. Born in Toronto, Ontario to Barbadian parents, both sisters attended the Ontario College of Art and Design (now OCADU), where their creative talents were groomed. The spark created during their time at the institution ignited, and the dynamic sister team founded X Height Media in 2006.


X Height Media’s mission is to “go beyond” in, and contribute to their industry; great bodies of work have been created in this vein. Together the team created a “words-only” line of decor statement pieces called Dn’A, which was launched in the Studio North section at the Interior Design Show (IDS) in 2010. Dn’A is a fusion of graphic design and art, each piece featuring experimental typography designs on the glass surfaces. XHM’s latest project, Valley of the Kings (VOK), was released to the world in 2017. VOK, a greeting card line for the dearly departed, is a unique and unprecedented product in its category, and provides a beautiful way to send a message and process grief.


Over the years, the XHM has cultivated a diverse clientele, and a portfolio of projects that ranges from books, magazines and brochures, to corporate identity, promotional material, information packages, and digital content. Reelworld, however, holds a significant and special place in the heart of XHM, as the first festival ever added to their roster of clients, and with a partnership spanning over ten years. XHM thoroughly enjoys the challenge of creating the Festival’s official artwork, and is excited to see the new art at the 2019 Film Festival.

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