21st Edition of Reelworld Film Festival

Reelworld Film Festival showcases Canadian filmmakers who are Black, Indigenous, Asian, South Asian and People of Colour. The festival brings together artists and audiences of all racial ethnicities and highlights the human experience through the power of film. This year, online and in-person, we will be screening 13 features and 26 short films by Canadian filmmakers from across the country; we will host panel discussions focusing on subject matter related to the film topics and their impactful perspectives on relevant social issues; we continue to connect filmmakers and our audience with veteran industry professionals who share their experience and knowledge through our live Industry panels; and we host purposeful mixers designed to connect emerging artists with gatekeepers. The festival is held over 7 days, beginning October 20th - 27th, 2021. 

This year, $20,000 in cash and prizes will be provided to award recipients. 

The Reelworld Film Festival is proud to award over $20,000 in cash and over $20,000 in prizes to the recipients of our festival awards this year. We would like to thank TD Bank Group, Warner Media, DGC National, Shaftesbury, Bell Fund, CBC, CMPA, CMF, IPF, WIFT-Toronto, Entertainment Partners Canada, Chargefield and AstroLab Studios for their generous contributions towards these awards. We would also like to thank Pierre Laurent for gifting luxury watches to this year’s Trailblazer, Visionary Award, and Award of Excellence recipients. Last but not least, we appreciate all the audience members who rate the films they watch and contribute to the selection of the Reelworld Audience Choice Award. To see the full list of all the awards, click here.

The award show will include: Outstanding Feature Film Award, Outstanding Short Film Award, Audience Choice Award (Highest rated film by the audience), Standout Feature Film Producer, Standout Short Film Producer, Standout Feature Film Director, Standout Short Film Director, Standout Feature Film Actress, Standout Short Film Actress, Standout Feature Film Actor, Standout Short Film Actor, Standout Feature Film Writer, Standout Short Film Writer, Standout Feature Film Cinematographer, Standout Short Film Cinematographer.

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"Reelworld was one of the first festivals I ever attended and showed work at. In fact, I made a short film (Poor Man's Conversation, 2003) shortly after graduating, just to attend the festival! Luckily I got in, and that's where I met some amazing folks. Not just Tonya Williams, and the gang of well-wishers and organizers, but a group of other young talent, spread across various communities and backgrounds, that gave me the confidence to keep going. I watched films at that edition of the festival that inspired me, and others that angered me (in a good way). All of it was fuel. And by the end of that festival, I made a pact with a small group of artists, to go to India and make a short film. That short, Amal, paved the way for the rest of my career, and those collaborations persist today, 17 years later

Richie Mehta, Filmmaker

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