Huse Madhavji

Actor & Performer

Huse Madhavji is best known for his roles on HBO Canada’s “Call Me Fitz” and CTV’s hit hospital drama “Saving Hope”. Prior to that, Huse was the face of Star! (now E! Canada) where he sat down with some of the worlds most familiar faces. He now lives in LA, working the stand-up/improv circuit while touring the U.S. as a vocalist for “Stories: Our American Journey”, telling the Ismaili Muslim story in America.

How do you stay motivated in this industry?

Staying motivated in this industry, especially after all the rejection can be difficult. It’s important to surround yourself with people that believe in you, but that doesn’t even matter if you don’t first and foremost believe in yourself. And trust me, that's easier said than done! For me, there’s nothing else I’d like to do than what I’m doing now, and to be perfectly honest, I don’t think there’s anything I can do! So this is it. And if this is it, that’s all the motivation I need to keep trying out for next role or enrolling in the next class or writing my project.


Advice to someone just starting out?

Be patient, humble and work hard. It’s not an easy industry, it’s also not a linear industry where you’ll find success where if you follow step A you’ll get to step B. If and when you do find success, it doesn’t mean it’ll last. That’s why takes a lot of patience, a strong work ethic and a ton of humility. But remember this, it’s not impossible and if it’s not impossible then it means you can do it!


Who impacted your career the most?

I have two incredible sisters who really believe in me! Both Jameela and Rosemin throughout my life have supported everything I’ve done whether it was moving to a new city and being a local entertainment reporter to switching careers completely and take on acting to making the move to LA! They’re there every step of the way and I think they’re constant support has impacted me and my journey the most!


How did you build the team around you?

I don’t know if I actually built a team, it kind of happened organically for me. I was at a place where I needed to add some more people and I just did! I will say this though, for me it’s important I like the people I’m working with. I need to trust they will always have my best interest at heart and that my vision for my career matches their vision.


Was it luck or strategy that helped you find success?

First of all, what does success even mean?? I think there’s always more to accomplish and experience. Looking back though, I think there was and I suppose still is a mixture of strategy and luck! I was a broadcaster before being an actor, but after CHUM TV was bought out by CTV (Bell Media), I looked at that as an opportunity to pursue acting which is something I’ve always wanted to do. I guess that’s luck. But then, making a conscious decision and turning down opportunities that would get back on the air as a TV host so I could continue pursuing acting, is strategy! And then getting cast in Call Me Fitz, my first TV series, soon after, yeah, that’s pure luck!


Did you ever give up hope that you’d not make it?

Yeah for sure, that’s a fleeting thought that happens about 5 times a day!


What was your worst experience in this business?

I don’t think I’ve had a terrible experience that I would consider the worst. I’ve had experiences where I was cast in one thing, tested for another, turned down the first thing only to lose the second thing. Yeah that was bad, but it was also an incredible problem to have!


What was your best experience in this business?

I have many favourite experiences that I don’t think I can narrow down to one. But one of the best ones happened on stage at the World Partnership Walk in Toronto. It’s an event I host every year (just wrapped my 12th) that supports development projects in Asia and Africa. 2 years ago, most of the cast of Saving Hope joined me on stage and co-hosted with me! I was so proud to bring my on-set family with me to an event I’m passionate about and seeing the 10-thousand plus crowd all be so excited to see them all there!

How has Reelworld influenced your career?

One of my best friends and writing partner RT! and I had a short film called The Time Traveler that screened at Reel World. It was a project that we traveled to India for and wrote while travelling! The support from Reelworld, giving us a platform to share our story was encouraging and is making me of think of myself as not just an actor but storyteller.


Is there a theme in the work you pick?

I don’t think there’s a specific theme in the characters I play. I do like to find comedy in drama and drama in comedies. I think in the stories I tell, I find myself writing about identity a lot and what it means to be from a particular place, or what it means have darker skin colour or what it means to belong to particular faith. But in those stories I think it’s important for me to make them accessible so most people watching can relate, even if the story is not exactly theirs.


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