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Discover how talent agencies work and learn more about artist representation and career development.


  • Comprehensive four-week internship at the Meridian Artists Agency

  • $2,000 honorarium

  • Applications close January 14th, 2022

The Meridian Artists Agency Apprenticeship supports the development of Canadian screen based professionals who identify as Black, Indigenous, Asian, South Asian, Middle Eastern and Latin American.

If you are selected, you will have the opportunity to join Meridian Artists for four (4) weeks —to learn about the pivotal role it plays in the screen-based industry eco-system. The mentee will learn how a full service agency functions through a combination of shadowing all agency activities, assignments and one-on-one meetings with key Meridian Artist team members. The mentee will have access to all of Meridian’s divisions (currently Literary, Talent, Key Creatives and Books) and virtually with the LA office.

The apprenticeship will include the following elements:

  • See how film and television writer’s and director’s careers are managed, whether they are emerging or senior talent with Glenn Cockburn, Film and Television Agent and President of the Agency

  • Learn more about client management and development, generating ideas, preparing pitches and selling shows for different genres with Kerry Ball, Film and Television Agent and Head of Development

  • See how actors are auditioned and selected from behind the scenes with access to breakdowns, pitches and client coaching with Tovah Small, Talent Agent; and

  • Learn how Editors, DP’s, Production Designers and other crew positions are pitched and managed with Courtenay Bainbridge, Key Creative Agent.  

  • Get a glimpse into the world of publishing with Amy Moore Benson, Book Agent

  • Discuss how the US entertainment industry is variant from the Canadian industry and how Meridian transitions talent across the border with Conrad Sun, in our US Management office.

  • Join the agency’s bullpen to see just how much work and support goes into managing the day to day needs of a client’s submissions, meetings, payments, contracts and career.

The mentee will also:

  • Attend pitch meetings

  •  Participate in a mock negotiation

  • Meet with clients

  • Attend reading meetings

  • Attend talent recruitment meetings

  • Take part in contract and option discussions