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Now Magazine | 43°North is not waiting around for Canadian film to meet equity goals | Jun 25, 2019

Now they’re days away from going into production on their first narrative film, This Place, funded by Telefilm’s Talent to Watch Program and the Reelworld E20 program. This Place is the story of two young women, one Tamil, the other of Iranian and Mohawk descent, who meet at a Toronto laundromat late one night. 

Huffington Post | "The Ugly Face Of Racism Still Exists In Canada,' Says Former Y&R Star | Mar 1, 2019

​"When I started Reelworld, almost all the white reporters harassed me with the same question — 'Why did I think this was so relevant?' They didn't understand why a festival like Reelworld was needed — they didn't think we had a racial problem in the entertainment industry in Canada. They thought I was just exaggerating the issues on this subject," said Williams. 

Huffington Post | Will This Diversity 'Moment' In Film And TV Last? Canadians Of Colour Weigh In | Jan 9, 2019

Tonya Williams, best known as Dr. Olivia Barber Winters on "The Young and the Restless," who now runs ReelWorld Film Festival, an annual film festival in Toronto that features talent from ethnically diverse communities, recognizes that changes takes time.

Now Magazine | October film festivals just keep on rolling through town | Oct 10, 2018

"My intention was to make a film that wasn’t statistical, but sensual", says 'When the Storm Fades' director, Sean Devlin. "I think facts help us know, but emotional empathy is how we understand. I wanted audiences to understand what it means to live on the front lines of climate change.”

Muslim Link | Interview with Shazia Javed: '3 seconds Divorce' Showcases Indian Women's Movement Against 'Triple Talaq' | Oct 9, 2018

3 Seconds Divorce reveals the impact of this instant-oral divorce on Muslim women and takes us behind the scenes of the revolutionary movement led by Muslim women in India. 

Words with Michelle | Interview with Reelworld Founder, Executive and Artistic Director Tonya Williams and Reelworld's Filmmakers: Inspiring Change through Film | Oct 7, 2018

"Yes, we want to screen these films, but we want that filmmaker to have an experience," says Tonya Williams. "We want their career to move forward – we don’t just want them to screen a film – we set up meetings for them, they get an opportunity to meet mentors in the industry."

theBuzz Magazine | Interview: Reelworld Film Festival opens with trans film, 'Roobha' | Oct 5, 2018

" 'Roobha' is based on a short story by the respected writer and poet Shoba Sakthi," says Director Lenin M. Sivam. "As soon as I read 'Roobha,' I knew it was going to be my next film."

CIUT 89.5 FM Career Buzz | Interview with Reelworld Founder, Executive and Artistic Director, and Filmmakers: The Power of Film | Oct 3, 2018

Nicole Hamilton from Career Buzz on CIUT 89.5 FM chatted with Reelworld Founder, Executive and Artistic Director Tonya Williams and two of this year's filmmakers, Shazia Javed of 3 Seconds Divorce- A Documentary, and Lenin M. Sivam of Roobha about the film industry and what drives and inspires them. | 'Roobha', latest film from Scarborough's Lenin Sivam, opens Reelworld | Oct 2, 2018

Roobha is a trans woman, so this is a story of forbidden love in the Tamil-Canadian community unlike anything people have seen.

CBC Arts | Interview with Lenin M. Sivam: 'Roobha', subverts the traditional Tamil love story with a tender trans romance | Oct 2, 2018

Roobha explores the still very taboo relationship between a trans woman and an older Sri Lankan Tamil man

Mississauga Arts Council | Video: Shazia Javed's recent documentary '3 Seconds Divorce' screens at Reelworld Film Festival | Oct 2, 2018

Shazia's latest work, '3 Seconds Divorce'- A Documentary will make its North-American Premiere at Reelworld Film Festival on October 13, 2018!

3 Seconds Divorce reveals the impact of instant oral divorce on Muslim women and takes us behind the scenes of the revolutionary movement led by Muslim women in India.

Namaste Newsline | Interview with Lenin M. Sivam: ‘Roobha’ – She’s enchanting…and then she dances! | Sept 29, 2018

'Roobha' weaves a unique romantic tale that deals with the complexities of personality and gender identity within the South-Asian community.

Namaste Newsline | Interview with Shazia Javed: Women's Rights are a Global Concern | Sept 29, 2018

Shazia speaks to Namaste Newsline about her inspiration for her documentary, '3 Seconds Divorce' - Muslim women's fight against triple talaq (instant divorce) 

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