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Reelworld Hollywood Connector

The Reelworld Hollywood Connector Program is an ongoing initiative between the Consulate General of Canada to the United States, in Los Angeles and Reelworld Screen Institute. Held over two days, the program aims to facilitate long-lasting relationships between Canadian-based talent and LA-based producers and executives.

Selected Reelworld Alumni and Access Reelworld members get to participate in focused information sessions that cover how you build USA relationships and what you need to know when pitching to USA producers. Attendees will participate in these intimate sessions where they are able to better understand this important and necessary market.

Zaib Shaikh


“As the Prime Minister has said, ‘Canada’s stories are shaped by our diversity and deserve to be shared with the world’. We also know that Black Filmmakers in Canada and Canadian filmmakers from other communities of colour have faced tremendous barriers in the past and that without the help of highly successful industry organizations such as Reelworld and the untiring energy of industry icons and originals such as Tonya Williams creating and leading such organizations, those stories might never have been fully told or shared”, said Zaib Shaikh, Consul General of Canada in Los Angeles. “Working with Reelworld to establish relationships between its alumni and decision-makers in Hollywood will help the current generations of diverse Canadians share their stories, even more, advance their careers exponentially, and continue building our multi-billion dollar homegrown industry.”



Zaib Shaikh

Consul General of Canada in Los Angeles

Special thanks to the Consulate General of Canada in Los Angeles

Government of Canada

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