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Reelworld Volunteering

Becoming a volunteer can develop the ripple effect of valuable work and potential showcasing for your own untold stories. Reelworld is a safe space for individuals to broaden their network and relationships by meeting incredible people and opening doors to creative careers. By contributing your efforts and talents, you can help build a community that is vital to supporting Canadian talent in film and television. Be a part of Reelworld’s next chapter today.


Join Us for a Reelworld Experience

If you’re an enthusiastic film lover you can find volunteer opportunities posted below for our annual film festival. Sign up now and subscribe to our monthly newsletter for our on-going volunteer opportunities!

Reelworld Film Festival is dedicated to harnessing the power of film and storytelling for social good. Reelworld champions Indigenous and racially diverse filmmakers with authentic stories and whose work challenges stereotypes and explores the world around us from their unique perspective. We are committed to connecting our community with unique and extraordinary programming of films. Experience the Reelworld Film Festival for yourself and join our volunteer list for an unforgettable time.

What to Expect

Get involved in our community and exercise your skills through our hands-on experience. Volunteer during our live screenings and industry events to become a proactive member in the Canadian film industry. Your commitment will demonstrate your support in showcasing films by Canadian Indigenious, Asian, Black, South Asian and other persons of color in the film industry. By volunteering at Reelworld Film Festival you will join the body of our diverse community and become well familiar with our programming of films and acquainted with Reelworld professionals.

Volunteer Opportunities

2023 Reelworld Film Festival

We are looking for volunteers who are active, eager, energetic, multi-skilled and film lovers to be a part of our seven-day film festival from November 1 - 7. Volunteer areas include General Volunteers, Events Set up/Tear Down, Driving/Transportation.


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