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We are Creating Access and Inclusion.

The Reelworld Screen Institute provides year-round initiatives, programs, and events to foster professional development for our Canadian racially diverse talent, to deepen their artistic practice, and to strengthen this creative community and network.

We create more opportunities by focusing on the research, advocacy, policy, and infrastructure changes needed within our industry and government.

Reelworld Institute is working to increase the number of Canadian decision-makers who are Black, Indigenous, Asian, South Asian, or People of Colour. When we have real representation at high levels, we will be able to create a more level playing field.



Reelworld Training Lab presented by Amazon MGM Studios

The Reelworld Training Lab presented by  Amazon MGM Studios is a new training program for both Canadian producers and writers. The program will offer training and upskilling opportunities to racially diverse and Indigenous talent in Canada, and will foster a pipeline of Canadian production talent and help support  Amazon MGM Studios projects in Canada. 

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Reelworld x NABET Mentorship Program

Reelworld Screen Institute has partnered with NABET 700-M UNIFOR to launch a mentorship program to connect NABET members with emerging Black, Indigenous, South Asian, Asian and People of Colour technicians who are looking to build their network and gain one-on-one guidance from an experienced industry professional. 

This 3-month mentorship program will provide one-on-one support to the mentees by connecting them with industry professionals in their area of interest. This is a great opportunity for crew and professionals in below-the-line roles to increase their skill set and knowledge.

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Reelworld Market Ready

Market Ready provides Reelworld delegates with training, prep and access to key markets such as TIFF, Prime Time, Cannes Film Festival, Banff World Media Festival, Content Canada and Content London. These markets open doors to forge deals, build new relationships that lead to development, and help attendees gain visibility in an industry where who you know matters.

Reelworld Black Entrepreneurs Program

Reelworld Black Entrepreneurs Program

The Reelworld Black Entrepreneurs Program is a training initiative for Black casting directors, agents, managers, and producers in Canada. This first of its kind program provides transformational business advisory services, training, paid apprenticeship, capital investment, and networking opportunities.

Reelworld E20 Program

Reelworld E20 Program

The Reelworld Emerging 20 is tailored to support writers and is streamed into two specific areas: Series and Film. Ten Candidates will be chosen for each stream. The Candidates will be taken through a part-time 6 month program to polish screenplays into a final draft. The E20 program wraps up in September with one-on-one pitch sessions designed to hone their pitching skills and develop their network. The program offers an excellent opportunity to work with story editors and industry professionals who help guide the writing process and share industry insights into the Canadian screen industry.

Reelworld Producer Program

Reelworld Producer Program

The Reelworld Producer Program is a year-long curriculum that provides mentoring and learning opportunities, and creates pathways to build a career as a producer in the television industry. The program candidates will be immersed in the business side of the Canadian entertainment field. After choosing a project, under a mentor, they will learn valuable skills such as creating a corporation, retaining intellectual property rights, choosing and optioning scripts, creating deal memos, choosing key creatives and casting directors, plus much more.

Upcoming Reelworld Programs & Events

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