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Reelworld practices inclusivity, and is a training ground for future leaders in Canada’s arts and cultural sector.  The majority of our staff, board of directors and volunteers are racially diverse.  Only by supporting each other do we all rise up.

Andrew Moodie


“Reelworld has helped me become the artist that I am in so many ways. First off, it introduced me to my favourite film of all time Nairobi Half Life. They embraced me in the Emerging 20 and gave me the skills to move ahead on a project. They introduced me to industry veterans who are still my mentors to this very day. No idea what I'd do without them. They are a crucial resource for young diverse artists in this industry. I don't think there's any organization like it anywhere else.”

With your support, Reelworld ensures that Canadian Black, Indigenous, Asian, South Asian, and Artists of Colour have a platform and the means to develop authentic stories that may otherwise never be heard.  We also help create jobs and mentorships for our diverse community and advocate on their behalf on the issues of equitable funding, national recognition and the ability to hold senior positions of power within our screen industries.


Here’s how you can demonstrate your support

Be part of the creative and professional development of Black, Indigenous, Asian, South Asian and People of Colour in the Canadian screen industry through a multitude of specialized programs. Our alumni's success comes from the generosity of industry leaders who offer their time and expertise through mentorship roles.