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The Reelworld Film Festival showcases a wide variety of genres in narrative and documentary features and shorts. As a filmgoer, whether in person or online, you will enjoy the dramatic storytelling, hard-hitting documentaries, witty comedies and thoughtful abstractions that the Reelworld Film Festival selections will offer.

Kaven Nabatian.jpeg

"The Reelworld Film Festival has always been important to me. I won the award for Best New Filmmaker in 2001(!), which boosted my confidence to stay in this crazy job when I was just starting out. To come back 20 years later with my first feature has been an honour. I actually learned a lot about Sin La Habana through an amazing panel discussion that highlighted perspectives I might not have come across elsewhere. And then, of course, for the film to win five awards is an incredible expression of support, and I’m so grateful."

Kaveh Nabatian

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