We're on a mission to help great stories make great changes all year round!

Reelworld is a charitable organization (Charitable# 873045611 RR0001) dedicated to harnessing the power of film for social good. We empower emerging Indigenous and racialized storytellers to showcase films which inspire social change, promote intercultural experiences and collaboration, and educate young students and artists with engaging hands-on workshops and thought provoking discussion.


The world is in a state of rapid change. From the rise of Islamophobia and the refugee crisis, to climate change and racism, we believe that the power of film and storytelling can break down barriers and inspire minds. Like no other medium, film brings people, cultures, and communities together and creates a single focus point of understanding irrespective of age, gender, race, ability, and sexuality.


With your support, Reelworld ensures that artists have a platform and the means to develop authentic stories that may otherwise never be heard. Join us and help empower youth to think critically about the world and develop the tools to make a difference.

What Your donation will do:

Champion Indigenous and racially diverse filmmakers.

We provide training, mentorship, funding, and distribution opportunities for underrepresented filmmakers. We do this through (A) the creation of filmmaker labs which provide training and industry knowledge for Indigenous and racialized filmmakers with impactful stories, and (B) we provide filmmakers with assistance in the distribution of their films via community screenings, online and within school.

Empower Indigenous and racially diverse youth.

We are committed to empowering youth through film. (A) We create youth focused film screenings for schools and community centres so that young people can engage with film and have dialogue about the issues that matter most to them. (B) We run a Reelyouth program which is a fully immersive event focused on exposing youth to pressing social issues through film, virtual reality experiences and interactive gaming. (C) We aim to cultivate a new generation of Indigenous and racialized filmmakers by providing them with the tools to tell stories about the change they want to see in the world. We do this through a series of filmmaking workshops where youth can actively participate and learn how to tell stories through film.

Create Conversation.

A core component of our organization is to showcase films that explore pressing issues, spark conversations, and inspire audiences to take actions that impact their lives, communities, and ultimately, the world. (A) We program an annual film festival each October which features the very films be racialized and Indigenous filmmakers from Toronto, Canada and around the world. (B) Throughout the year, we also program and co-present film screenings with festivals across the city. 

Promote Intercultural Collaboration. 

We converge diverse communities to catalyze social change through film and storytelling. Our work brings together diverse filmmakers and a community of changemakers - foundations, NGOs, campaigners, philanthropists, policymakers, artists, charities, non-profits, social entrepreneurs, educators, technologists, brands, and media—to forge coalitions and create profound intercultural experiences

Donation Impact

Reelyouth 2019

Supinder Wraich

Director, Reelworld's Winner of the Talent to Watch Fund 2017

Reelworld is a registered Canadian charity: Charitable #873045611RR0001


Address: 20 Richmond St. E., Suite #600, Toronto, Ontario, M5C 2R9

Tel:  416-598-7933​.

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