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Everything you need to know to become a film and television Location Manager in Toronto.

As production increases in the city of Toronto, Location Managers are key to every production — films, commercials, music videos and more. The city of Toronto is a major hub for Canadian film and TV production, providing an abundance of spaces to accommodate both large and small productions. As production increases in the city so does the need for more location managers who are imperative to the success of a production. Working closely with the Location Scout and other key crew members, the Location Manager ensures the contractual use of the location is adhered to and is responsible for the communication of all location arrangements with the crew, city officials, and local property owners and tenants.

The location manager handles the creative side of finding appropriate locations, but they also handle the logistics needed to make that location work, like paying the property owners, securing permits, and alerting neighbours about the film shoot. Typically the location manager reports to the production designer but collaborates frequently with the director. Overseeing the entire location department and responsible for the hiring within it, the Location Manager is instrumental to the success of a production.

Join Reelworld on December 11, 2021, from 12 pm - 4 pm EST, in partnership with the City of Toronto, for a 4-hour workshop that aims to provide an entry-level understanding of how to become a location manager. Learn about the processes involved, from scouting to obtaining permits; understand the steps you need to take to get into this industry; discover resources that are needed in this field, like unions and location databases; and connect with the key organizations and industry experts who will be able to answer all your questions. The workshop is available to Canadian Black, Indigenous, Asian, South Asian, and People of Colour based in Ontario and who are legally eligible to work in Canada. Hear from Bobby Donches, Manager, Permitting Film & Entertainment with the City of Toronto; Vanessa Shah, Location Scout, Lance Creighton, Location Manager and Scout for Short Form Content; Louis Mendoza, Location Manager and Co-Chair of the DGC Ontario Diversity & Inclusion Committee; Paul Franklin, Location Manager; and Nabil Badine, Assistant Location Manager

Only 20 people will be selected to be a part of this workshop. So get your applications in quickly to be considered. Sign up here.

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