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Reelworld Training Lab presented by Amazon MGM Studios

The Reelworld Training Lab presented by Amazon MGM Studios is a new training program for both Canadian producers and writers. The program will offer training and upskilling opportunities to racially diverse and Indigenous talent in Canada, and will foster a pipeline of Canadian production talent and help support Amazon MGM Studios’ projects in Canada. 

“We are looking for producers and writers to help develop their skills and fill more roles on our Amazon MGM Studios series developed and filmed in Canada. We believe Reelworld is the perfect organization for this given their track record in advocacy and training,” said Brent Haynes, head of local originals, Prime Video, Canada. “We want this program to deliver results, with more Canadian producers developing the skills and knowledge to work on our productions; new writers in our writers’ rooms, and have it create a deep and connected pipeline to our development and productions in Canada.”

"We are delighted to announce this collaboration with Amazon, a collaboration that holds immense promise for advancing diverse storytelling in Canada,” said Tonya Williams, founder and executive director of Reelworld Screen Institute. “By leveraging the global reach and influence of Amazon, we have the opportunity to drive positive change in the Canadian entertainment industry. Amazon and Reelworld firmly believe that programs alone are insufficient in effecting real progress. Our shared goal is to establish a concrete path to actual jobs, as this is the key to achieving the impact we all desire and ensuring genuine change in inclusion and equity within our industry."

The Reelworld Training Lab presented by Amazon MGM Studios will start in January 2024.

Meet the 2024 cohort of the Reelworld Training Lab presented by Amazon MGM Studios 

Line Producers

Malachi Ellis_edited_edited.jpg

Malachi Ellis

President at Malachi Ellis Productions

Vanessa Caceres 2021 Producer Program_ed

Vanessa Caceres

Producer at Righteous Pictures



Tanis Parenteau

Owner at TDEP Productions


Tamiko Potts

Unicorn Power Media Ltd.


Linda St Pierre  Headshot.jpg

Linda St. Pierre

President at Phoenix Skye Productions Inc.

Panta Mosleh.jpg

Panta Mosleh

CEO (Producer-Director-Writer-Performer) at PK Studio Productions Inc.


Allison Wilson-Forbes


Ramin Eshraghi-Yazdi.jpg

Ramin Eshraghi-Yazdi

Creative Director at Nur Films Inc.


Nattasha Shrestha Headshot.jpg

Nattasha Shrestha


Moniquea Marion Headshot.png

Moniquea Marion

Producer, Screenwriter, Director, Actor at Slaw Paw 

Upcoming Reelworld Programs & Events

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