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Filled with love, vibrant colours, joyful adventures, and mouthwatering Mediterranean cuisine, À toi Jeddi is an unorthodox but intimate conversation between the multi-racial Quebecois filmmaker Sara Ben-Saud and her late freedom-fighter Libyan grandfather, Jeddi. The discovery of his memoir inspires Sara to travel to her fatherland to find the missing piece in her identity puzzle, a part of her identity that the dominant Canadian culture didn't welcome until a few decades ago.

By bringing together the past and present, reality and fantasy, the freezing cold of Canada and the scorching sands of Tunisia, the rubble of war-torn Tripoli and the joyous all-night-long family parties, into one frame, Ben-Saud masterfully defines how all these contrasts shape her unique Canadian-Libyan-Tunisian character and how this diversity contributes to Canada's strength as a multicultural country.

À toi Jeddi is a heartwarming documentary that takes us on a journey to the rich and welcoming Mediterranean culture, where its vibe will remain with us for a long time after the closing credits!

Reza Sameni, Programmer


Director Bio:

Sara's artistic curiosity feeds on her Quebec-Libyan-Tunisian origins. Her thirst for meeting her roots and different cultures inspires her in her productions. She wants to change the audiovisual landscape on the issue of diversity.



Sara Ben-Saud


Romain Rabasa

Principal Cast

Sara Ben-Saud, Reda Guerinik


Jacynthe Turcotte


Nicolas Paquette


Sara Ben-Saud

À toi Jeddi

Sara Ben-Saud

November 4th, 1PM at The Paradise Theatre

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