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Is there a right way to hang a toilet paper roll? Yes, there is! So when Sue and Michael arrive home from dinner, only for Sue to discover the toilet paper hanging in the wrong direction, a battle begins. Naturally, Sue accuses Michael of the misdeed. But Michael steadfastly claims it wasn’t him. If neither of them changed the last roll, then who did?

Written and directed by Paul Aihoshi, One Act About Toilet Paper is a relatable comedy with a low-stakes mystery at its core. As Sue (Alexandra Hurley) and Michael (Colin Sharpe) try to solve the puzzle, they invite their friends Beck (Lance Byrd) and Robby (Noemi Salamon) over for drinks; their friend Amanda (Amanda Parker) tags along. And not to be forgotten is the neighbour, Jacob (Callum Wratten). All are suspects.

This feature debut cost $1850 and took four years to complete. Shot in black and white, Aihoshi uses light and shadows to the story’s advantage. Most scenes occur in the living room (and bathroom), which ratchets up the pressure and interplay between the characters, and we begin to understand what makes them tick. Game on!

Marina Hanna, Programmer


Director Bio:

Paul Aihoshi is a half-Japanese Canadian filmmaker. His short films have premiered at various festivals, such as Toronto After Dark, Toronto Independent Film Festival, and the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival. Paul performs improv and sketch comedy in Toronto and can be seen in season 2 of Chucky, and the last season of Workin' Moms.



Paul Aihoshi


Paul Aihoshi

Principal Cast

Colin Sharpe, Alexandra Hurley, Lance Byrd, Noemi Salamon


Paul Aihoshi


Paul Aihoshi


Paul Aihoshi

One Act About Toilet Paper

Paul Aihoshi

November 5th, 4PM at The Paradise Theatre

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