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The impetus for revenge is in part to seek relief from grief. Actress Oyin Oladejo embodies Orah, an undocumented taxi driver in Canada who is desperate to bring her son from Nigeria through her boss. The catch — the ticket requires her son to be a money mule. When the ploy goes terribly wrong, Orah finds herself playing an international game of cat-and-mouse to find the answers she desperately seeks.

Nigerian-Canadian writer director Lonzo Nzekwe creates works that examine the precarity of undocumented Nigerians as they navigate western bureaucracy. His debut feature, Anchor Baby, winner of the best film at the 2010 Harlem International Film, also follows a Nigerian family’s quest to seek documentation for their child. Nzekwe weaves this reality with a social story. His latest film gives a fresh take on the thriller by centering those who are directly exploited by a criminal enterprise. Orah beautifully depicts the cumulative consequences of a life denied stability and the complex choices one makes when survival dictates all decisions. What does it take for someone to break?

Safia Abdigir, Programmer


Director Bio:

Lonzo Nzekwe ("Anchor Baby," 2010; "Meet the Parents," 2016) is a Nigerian/Canadian acclaimed film director, writer and producer based in Toronto, Canada. He is the CEO of IronFlix Inc., a film production company with a special focus on movies connected to Africa and the diaspora.



Lonzo Nzekwe


Ricardo Diaz

Principal Cast

Oyin Oladejo, Lucky Ejim, Agape Mngomezulu, Morgan Bedard


Floyd Kane, Amos Adetuyi


Marc Roussel


Lonzo Nzekwe


Lonzo Nzekwe

November 5th, 7PM at The Paradise Theatre

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