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When a confrontation between an actor and a casting agent goes viral after an audition, the actor in question, Jae, spirals into an existential crisis. What sends him there is a moment in the audition—he is asked to do something that unnerves him. Will he eventually comply?

Andre Rehal writes and directs this psychological drama that unfolds from Jae’s POV. What’s real is intertwined with what’s happening in Jae’s mind, the full view of which is unveiled in pieces. Han is the “underlying stylistic influence” of the film. As Rehal describes, it is a word that has no English equivalent and “creates an interesting cultural dimension that can only really be applied to a Korean lead.” Jonathan Kim gives a remarkable performance as Jae, relating the toll the turn of events has upon him in a realistic way, even in the fantastical moments.

Inspired by Rehal’s time as a session director in commercial casting and conversations about the racial politics of the industry, Strangers In A Room is a study on the personal toll of experiencing recurring systematized and subtle acts of prejudice. The supporting cast is filled with memorable performances by Shreya Patel (Forbes 30 Under 30, Girl Up), Andy McQueen (Mrs. Davis, Station Eleven), and Uni Park (Kim’s Convenience).

Marina Hanna, Programmer


Director Bio:

Andre Rehal is a freelance director based out of Toronto whose work features range in various digital mediums, shooting styles, and genres.



Andre Rehal


Issa Shah

Principal Cast

Jonathan Kim, Shreya Patel, Andy McQueen, Foad HP


Matthew Campagna, Melissa D'Agostino, Matthew Schichter, Andre Rehal


Ben Lee Alan


Andre Rehal, Foad HP

Strangers in a Room

Andre Rehal

November 4th, 8PM at The Paradise Theatre

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