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Industry Panels


Offering opportunities for emerging filmmakers and storytellers to learn from industry leaders through insightful discussions.
In-person panels take place on October 14th at Rogers Communications Inc. (333 Bloor St E). Presenting partners are Rogers Group of Funds, CMF, DGC National, and Racial Equity Media Collective (REMC).
Virtual panels can be viewed on October 17th and 18th through the Reelworld online platform. Presenting partners are Black Screen Office (BSO), Telefilm Canada, Music Publishers Canada, and Independent Production Fund (IPF). 

Oct. 14, 2022 |   11:00AM EST   |  60 Mins (In-person)

Your Perfect Pitch/Application Package!

What should be in a great package? Do you understand your project to format it for the correct funder? Hear from these top executives on how to capture their attention for those coveted funds.

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Oct. 14, 2022  |   12:30PM EST   |  60 Mins (In-person)

Producing Live Unscripted/Variety Shows

More in demand than ever before the Unscripted/Variety genre is on the rise. Blending performance art, live music and comedy, these shows give producers a unique opportunity to bring artists from different disciplines together. Learn how the CMF can support producers and creators interested in working in this field.


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Oct. 14, 2022 |  2:00PM EST   | 60 Mins (In-person)

Responsible Storytelling

In our current climate, there’s important stories being created that deal with traumatic experiences or disasters. How do you navigate with the sensitivity required to do the story justice when it’s a culture you might be one step removed from? How do filmmakers handle these projects with the required care even when they are from the same ethnic group. This discussion will touch upon the responsibilities of Diasporic Canadians directors telling authentic stories.


Oct. 14, 2022  |   3:30PM EST   | 60 Mins (In-person)

Launch of Racial Equity Media Collective Community Mapping report

How are Black and/or People of Colour who run production companies and media nonprofits managing in these stressful times.. The last two years have been break or make it years and companies from racially diverse communities have suffered the most.  This enlightening report shines a spotlight on  how under-resourced these companies are and we will discuss what our industry needs to strengthen this sector.

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Oct. 17, 2022 |   12:00PM EST (Virtual)

Being Seen:
How to Create More Authentic Content that Resonates with Viewers

The industry is abuzz about BSO's ground-breaking report Being Seen: Directives for Creating Inclusive and Authentic Content. In this session, participants learn what is missing for audiences in screen content now, why this matters, and what the industry can do--whether behind the camera, in the writers' room or from within a C-suite--to create content that resonates with more Canadians.

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Oct. 17, 2022  |   1:30PM EST (Virtual)

Talent to Watch: New Changes, New Opportunities for YOU!

Telefilm’s Talent to Watch program has undergone new changes to their guidelines to reflect the needs of emerging diverse directors. Join Telefilm Representatives to find out how these changes can affect you and how Reelworld’s opening night director, Jason Karman leveraged his TTW fund to create a winning film.

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Oct. 18, 2022  |   1:30PM EST (Virtual)

Creating a Successful Team

Join the creators of Streams Flow from a River and The Drop as they discuss their process of finding collaborators, securing funding and executing their visions. Moderated by Mark Shapland, learn how the Independent Production Fund supports emerging directors from funding to production.


Oct. 18, 2022 |  12:00PM EST (Virtual)

 There's a Song for Every Scene:
Tips for finding the right music for every production

Finding the right music is a craft in itself and sometimes even seasoned filmmakers can underestimate the value of incorporating music supervisors and composers earlier in the development stage. Join us as Music Publishers Canada breaks down the steps to developing collaborations and finding music regardless of your budget. 

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Reelworld Industry Panels are made possible with support from Telefilm Canada, Ontario Arts Council, Ontario Creates, and Canada Council for the Arts

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