Emerging 20 Participants 2020

Lindsey Addawoo

Project: FAKE DEEP

Jarret Twoyoungmen

Project: Tibi [home]

Lara Zeidan


Adrian Wallace 

Project: Kasino

Catherine Lafferty

Project: North

Hamza Haq

Project: Musfits

Sunita Miya-Muganza

Project: YOU PEOPLE!

Christopher Yip

Project: Fish Boy

Shelby Lisk

Project: Working title - yenà:nons

Tristen Sutherland

Project: Halfway Boy

Helmann Wilhelm

Project: Creemore Village

Yasmijn Nicolle

Project: GROWTH

Andrew Chiu

Project: Pho Sho

Joyce Delaronde

Project: Skinny Kookoo Comedy Sketch Show

Jerome Kruin

Project: Castle In The Air

Chrisann Hessing

Project: The Good Guise

Mirusha Yogarajah

Project: Tamil Buyers Club

Robina Lord-Stafford

Project: Long Bay

Kathy-Ann Thomas

Project: Moving Day

Shazia Javed

Project: Untitled

Reelworld Film Festival
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suite 600  Ontario, 

M5C 2R9