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Pink Sofa

Dating Indian

Len Morissette

Friday, November 3rd at 2:30PM

Tara is under pressure from her parents to have Native kids so the race doesn’t die out; which is a lot of pressure to put on someone. She thinks she finds a Native boyfriend in Chris but at dinner before meeting her parents, he points out that he’s not Native. It’s not that he’s pretending to be Native, it’s that he’s got dark skin and high cheekbones so her wishful thinking filled in the blanks. Worried about her parents, Tara tries to convince Chris to pretend to be Indian, which goes against his beliefs.


Director Bio:

Len Morissette is a proud Mistawasis (Saskatchewan) band member that grew up urban Indigenous. We In 2011 Len founded C.I.A Solutions, a majority Indigenous owned film and advertising company. Len and his team have filmed and produced over 200 commercials and films, as well as music videos and documentaries.



Len Morissette


Ryan Dalgleish

Principal Cast

Tanis Parenteau, Sheldon Elter


Andrew Genaille


Tanis Parenteau


Ryan Dalgleish, Tanis Parenteau

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