October 14-19 2020

Thank You!

to everyone who helped make the

2oth Annual Reelworld Film Festival a success!

For our 20th Anniversary lineup we are proud to showcase 38 Canadian Black, Indigenous, Asian, South Asian, Middle Eastern and Latinx Directors. The lineup also includes the hundreds of racially diverse Canadian producers, writers, actors and crew members involved in the creation of these films. 


Now, as for the past 20 years, Reelworld is working to change the face of the industry, literally.  Check out our lineup below.

Richie Mehta.jpg

"Reelworld was one of the first festivals I ever attended and showed work at. In fact, I made a short film (Poor Man's Conversation, 2003) shortly after graduating, just to attend the festival! Luckily I got in, and that's where I met some amazing folks. Not just Tonya Williams, and the gang of well-wishers and organizers, but a group of other young talent, spread across various communities and backgrounds, that gave me the confidence to keep going. I watched films at that edition of the festival that inspired me, and others that angered me (in a good way). All of it was fuel. And by the end of that festival, I made a pact with a small group of artists, to go to India and make a short film. That short, Amal, paved the way for the rest of my career, and those collaborations persist today, 17 years later

Richie Mehta, Filmmaker