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Pink Sofa

High End Dying

Helen Liu

Friday, November 3rd at 12:00PM

When elite level chef Eloise Vaughn receives a scathing review from famed critic Alistair Brown, she invites him back for a private dinner service aimed at redeeming her name. Alistair accepts, and as the service commences, the pairs shared history is revealed, as are the extreme lengths Eloise is willing to go to impress him.

Content Warning: This film contains depictions of blood and gore. Some viewers may be sensitive to this subject matter.


Director Bio:

Helen Liu is a Vancouver-based, Chinese-Canadian Writer/Director and Script Supervisor. Helen graduated from Emily Carr with a BFA and received a screenwriting degree from InFocus Film School. She is known for her short film Braised Pork Belly, which she wrote and directed, and played at multiple film festivals.



Helen Liu


Ernest Ng

Principal Cast

Nhi Do, Stuart James


Jordan Symes


Nancy Kamar, Melanie Germain, Moheb Jindran


Ian Tan

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