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Pink Sofa


Ava Maria Safai

Friday, November 3rd at 12:00PM

Meet Melody; at fifteen, she is outspoken, intelligent and creative. Melody enjoys hanging out with her friends, keeping up with 70s pop culture, and dreams of performing in her school talent show. The problem? Her strict father, a traditionalist who shakes Melody's world overnight after sewing a zipper onto her mouth on her sixteenth birthday.


Director Bio:

Ava Maria Safai is a Canadian-Iranian artist hailing from Vancouver, Canada. Ava Maria is a Dean's List graduate from UBC's BFA in Acting program and the current artistic director of The Harlequin Theatre Society. She is also an accomplished musician and singer-songwriter with over 40 original songs in her catalogue. Recent direction/artistic leadership credits include: ZIP (Crazy8s & The Harlequin Theatre Society; first standing ovation in Crazy8s history), I Killed Maddie Forbes, Hamlet and INHUMAN/E (The Harlequin Theatre Society), The Girl Next Door (Painted Fern Productions). Recent performance credits include: I Killed Maddie Forbes (The Harlequin Theatre Society), King Lear (Promethean Theatre), INHUMAN/E (The Harlequin Theatre Society), Barefoot in Nightgown by Candlelight, The New Margo (Seeing Things Collective), and Revolt, She Said. Revolt Again. (UBC Theatre & Film). She is the proud recipient of many awards, including the Don S. Williams Grant and the Evelyn Jasiulko Harden Scholarship in Theatre.



Ava Maria Safai


Diego Lozano

Principal Cast

Gelareh Ghodrati, Ashkan Nejati


Ava Maria Safai, Syd Castle


Nicco Graham, Ava Maria Safai, Christopher Alexander Cook, Mandana Mehrghorbani, Caylee Watrin, Jonathan Gogoi


Chris Dietrich, Ava Maria Safai

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