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2015 ReelWorld Short Films
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Mauricio Ruiz, Warren Credo and RT! to speak on March 6
at Music Video Night!

Award-winning Traces of Sandalwood wraps Toronto screenings, March 7
Hosted by Sean O'Shea

Chrystee Pharris In Toronto
for Screening of Steps of Faith,
March 6 and March 8

A ReelWorld favourite, Music Video Night takes us behind the notes and shows us how the artistry of filmmaking adds to the impact of the music. 

Featuring the music videos for:

  • Dark Side of the Moon
  • Forever
  • Garden's Road
  • Howl Like Wolves
  • Live My Dream
  • Muskara
  • On the Low
  • Sisters

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Variety says it's "Delighting in cross-cultural contrasts." Montreal audiences gave it their highest honour.  Traces of Sandalwood anchors ReelWorld's Toronto screenings, and brings a rich story of one woman's search from Mumbai to Barcelona to find the younger sister who was ripped from her as a child. The twist (because ReelWorld programmers love twists): The sister is shocked to discover her adoption and her heritage. The film traces their journey.Presented March 7 by Global News.



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Christian film, Steps of Faith is a light-hearted and poignant film starring Chrystee Pharris ("Passions", "Scrubs") as "Faith", a woman who quits her job, packs her bags and moves to a new town after hearing from God to work with kids on a farm.  It's a stretch for her as she is not fond of animals and her interactions with kids have been problematic in the past. 

Also stars Charles “Malik” Whitfield, Ted Lange, Irma P. Hall, Tracey Ross

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Volunteer with ReelWorld
in Toronto and Markham

Each year, ReelWorld welcome almost 100 volunteers to help with guest services and events, and even theatre management.

It's a great way to be part of the community AND to gain some street cred in the Arts industry.


Interested?  Click here for  information about the volunteer roles and to apply.


Music is Amplified by Artistry

of Music Videos

This year's music video showcase looks at craft, design and excellence when visual cues synch seamlessly with the music composition.


This series is for music directors who are serious about art and impact. Of course, the rest of us find it a fun night out too!.


Presented March 6, by TD Bank Group.  More here


Help Racially Diverse Artists And Donate to ReelWorld Foundation

ReelWorld Film Festival is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping up-and-coming filmmakers from racially diverse backgrounds share their stories, showcase their talents and develop their film and television careers

It's sister charity, the ReelWorld Foundation creates professional development initiatives and actually breaks down barriers for racially diverse artists to work in the industry and tell their stories.

. Get Involved with Canada’s premiere film festival focussed on racial diversity